Other Natural Stone

Marble is a metamorphic stone formed by the re-crystallization of limestone under the intense geological pressure and heat. This process creates stone with a very tight crystalline structure and small but definite porosity.

Marble can be of two types, one composed of calcite and the other of dolomite. Depending on its mineral composition it varies in colour from brilliant white through to black, and includes shades of blue-grey, red, yellow and green. Substances included in minor amounts during formation cause the veining, clouds, mottling and shadings in marble.

The texture of marble varies from very fine, uniform grains to large crystals of calcite. The Marble Institute of America has classified marble into four groups. These range from very uniform stones with no geological flaws or voids to stones with the occasion small hole that can easily be filled, through to marbles with many natural flaws, veins and lines of separation.

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